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How we helped: Ski Solutions

Investment, guidance and recruitment

Guiding Capital weren’t introduced to Ski Solutions until the eve of its 25th Anniversary, but there’s little doubt that the investment has allowed the company to herald in an exciting new chapter in its history. From the start we were able to help the management on how best to structure the MBO and then provide the finance to complete the deal. Once finalised we then worked closely with Ski Solutions to recruit a new senior team to plug gaps in management experience.

Sales and marketing

The most important help we’ve brought to Ski Solutions is advice on how to improve their Sales and Marketing performance. This includes bringing in a brand new CRM database, introducing an outbound calling strategy to ensure customers continue to book with us and instilling an activity centric sales culture to ensure targets are hit. Most recently a new Cloud based telephony system has been installed allowing advisers to manage call volumes more effectively.

The first twelve months have seen an increase in sales of more than 30%.