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    Capital to fund growth

    Typically we invest between £400,000 and £1 million in development capital to fund business growth. We also have access to structured capital for larger deals if required.

    Before deciding to provide development capital for business growth, we look for strong management who have ambitious yet achievable business goals and where our own skills dovetail with the existing team. We back businesses across a range of industries; our only caveat is that we must understand the sector and industry we’re investing in.

    We offer both financial and intellectual capital to assist a management team to maximise their business’s potential over realistic timescales. If there are gaps at a senior level that need to be filled, we’ll use our experience to help the management team recruit brilliant new team members.

    The clue is in our name, we’re Guiding Capital.

    Contact us today to find out more, or to submit a business investment proposal for consideration.