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    Management buy-ins

    Management Buy-Ins (MBI) are out of favour with some investors, but not with us.  We actively cultivate a roster of brilliant people who are looking for their next success.  Part of our criteria for backing an MBI is that you’ll be able to demonstrate you’ve led teams to grow businesses (ideally more than once) and taken them to successful exit.

    If we have great MBI candidates, then with so many businesses for sale each week, often it’s easier to determine the kind of business that suits them and buy it than to hunt for an investment opportunity.

    We can invest £1 million (sometimes more) in a management buy-in. Plus, we have access to structured capital to do larger MBI deals if appropriate.   So if you’re brilliant at building businesses and leading teams and are looking for backing to do it again through a management buy-in, get in touch today.