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    Management buy-outs

    Great people and brilliant teams is one of the first things we look for, so backing management buy-outs (MBO) with strong management who have ambitious yet achievable business goals is where we love to be.

    We back management buy-outs across a range of industries, although one rule is we must understand the business we’re investing in, believe our skills dovetail and can add value to the management team.  We offer both financial and intellectual capital to assist a management team to maximise their business’s potential over realistic timescales. However the clue is in our name – we’re Guiding Capital, not ‘tell you what to do capital’. When we believe in your MBO ambitions, plan and strategy then that’s what we’re backing.

    If there are gaps in the senior team (e.g. left by the people being bought out), we can help fill them.  In that, we’re not just looking for brilliant people but for the right team fit to work with existing key players to build a high performance team to drive the business forward to the MBO team’s goals.

    We can invest £1 million (sometimes more) to help finance a management buy-out (MBO). Plus, we have access to structured capital to do larger MBO deals if appropriate.

    Contact us today to find out more, or to submit an initial proposal for MBO finance.